#513 100 Ton ASF Roller Bearing Trucks

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Kadee #513 100 ton ASF roller bearing trucks.

#513 A.S.F.® 100-ton Roller Bearing Trucks with 36" Smooth Back Wheels - HO Scale
Metal Fully Sprung Equalized Trucks

Mounts with a #2 or 2-56 screw.
Mounting Screws not Included.

Used from the modern diesel era to present day.

The ASF® 100-ton Roller Bearing Truck is from the modern diesel era. It has standard 36 inch wheels and a longer wheel base than the 50 or 70 ton roller bearing trucks. Our model is a faithful reproduction of the American Steel Foundries® Ride Control® truck. This truck is currently in use under a variety of rolling stock in North America.