910-250 Walthers HO Diesel Detail Kit -- General Electric ES44 GEVO

Diesel Detail Kit -- General Electric ES44 GEVO
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Make your WalthersMainline locos even more realistic in minutes with this Diesel Detail Kit! The complete set of HO grab irons fits the standard locations on the model, and they're made of durable, factory-formed stainless steel wire. The set details one model and includes illustrated instructions.
Parts in this 25-piece set include:

  • 4 front drop grab irons
  • 8 small straight nose grab irons
  • 4 long straight nose grab iron
  • 2 rear pilot grab irons
  • 2 long end handrail grab irons
  • 2 drop grab irons for long hood behind cab
  • 3 drop grab irons for rear inverter box
  • 2 plastic injected cut levers